Pencil portraits have had a place in my heart for many years.

I have always had a love of art and was drawing from a young age.  At school art was my favourite subject. Portraits and people featured predominately in my art work and my final exam pieces were both fantastical female subjects.

Sadly the art career I had imagined didn't come to plan and life took me down other paths, with my artwork being relegated to hobby status. I worked in various office roles within the NHS and education and whilst these jobs served me well and introduced me to some incredible friends over the years, they could not satisfy my creative spirit. 

When I did get my pencils out it would be to draw people and animals.  Portraits of people and pets would be created for friends and family (and just for fun!)  Whilst I didn't draw often I would still see my pencil portraits improving and I would always wish that there was more time to draw and develop my skills.

Slowly I started to see more requests for my portraits and was able to offer these more widely to people who saw my artwork and wanted to commission their own portrait from me. 

Now I am in a position to able to commit to my artwork full time and am excited to be able to create art for a living.  I put my heart into every drawing and get so much satisfaction from being able to bring photos of someone's chosen person or pet to life as a gorgeous portrait.  

When I'm not working on portraits I create other artworks both by hand and digitally and these are for sale via various platforms including this site.